November 3, 2019

Keurbosch International High School

Keurbosch School is an International School following the Cambridge Curriculum. The Knysna Education Group took it over as from 1 September 2019.


To develop passionatehighly skilled and emotionally intelligent teachers as our staff members. We, therefore train our teachers on an ongoing basis to be subject masters and whole-brain teachers who know how to apply best practice teaching in the classroom by using a variety of teaching methods;

To apply proven as well as innovative methods in our teaching methodology and use technology and creativity as a great support tool to ensure that our students are not only on par with international standards but exceed it as far as it relates to subject knowledge and the use of technology as a learning and study aid;
To offer different activities to enhance their self-confidence and public speaking skills;

To strive to set a good example as teachers to our students and care for each and every one of them;

To ensure a creative, fun, hard-working and academic milieu;

To empower our students with knowledge on How to Study and UNDERSTAND the work, find a way to SAVE the information in their long term memory, how to RETRIEVE the knowledge and then to know how to APPLY the information in a meaningful way. This is a proven recipe for a successful career.


To see our students inspired and happy in a nurtured, safe, secure and welcoming environment;

To see how our students benefit from our multi-dimensional academic programs and experience how they break free from conventional boundaries, allowing them to learn deeply via multifarious platforms and obtain world perspectives and understanding;

To see how our programs and intrinsic support inspire our students to become immersed in multiple areas of learning related to their areas of interest;

To see how our students stretch themselves and grow intellectually and creatively in order to expand their problem-solving capabilities while they uncover and actualize their passion and vision;

To see how our students hone their critical and lateral thinking skills to solve the complex problems of a world out there and how to use these solutions to make a huge success of their careers and personal lives. To see how our students grow into groundbreaking research, deep exploration, human-inspired problem solving, and the creation of new knowledge, forms, and models;

To see how our students expand conventional boundaries and redraw them;

To see how our students develop innovative ideas and solutions that are consistent with our progressive mission and vision.

Contact Us

Physical address:
34 Queen Street

General: – 044 382 3395
email: [email protected]

Admissions: 044 382 1303
email: [email protected]